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Thread: Does therapy work?

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    Does therapy work?

    Hi all,

    I really need to address my issues and find a way out. I have had a couple of counselling sessions before and not continued with it because I find it difficult to talk and I'm trying to pluck up the courage to try again.

    Does it help? Is this something I should pursue?


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    Re: Does therapy work?

    Without any doubt... YES! Keep in mind it's a lot like physical therapy as you have to work at it and keep up the efforts in order to be effective long term.

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    Re: Does therapy work?

    For some apparently yes - for me not at all.
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    Re: Does therapy work?

    Yes it does, as long as you do the tasks and homework they set you. Good luck.

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    Re: Does therapy work?

    I would highly recommend therapy! It was by far the most effective form of treatment for myself. I uncovered a lot during therapy, such as a misdiagnosis. I discovered many childhood traumas that I had forgotten about and walked a new path of healing. I am in the final stages of therapy (after 4 years on and off) and I am no longer in need of medications because therapy helped me to learn techniques to deal with my PTSD. Having not gone through therapy I would still be wondering where my behavioral patterns come from as oppose to knowing exactly what they are.

    Good Luck with your journey.
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    Re: Does therapy work?

    CBT didn't work for me. Counselling sessions did help, I used to have them with my crisis team, but I think for some you have to continue with it for a long time. I can't afford that, and it's not offered at that level. In my experience it hasn't helped me but that's not to say it never will. I'm about to start new treatment with any luck so I'm definitely not giving up on it.
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