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    Is OCD just an anxiety coping mechanism?

    Hi all,

    Something has occurred to me in my recovery process. Iíve spent years fighting my feelings and thoughts. I tried everything - meditation, yoga, Cbt, somatic experiencing, Ativan.

    I always had general anxiety as a kid, some depression too. Over the years, my anxiety attacks and panic attacks decreased, however my ocd has gotten completely out of control.

    The last few weeks Iíve been working on exposures to anxiety and my thoughts. Itís horrible stuff because I have to let myself just feel the anxiety attack and all of the horrible sensations (including derealization!). However I noticed that when I get anxious these days if I just let it do itís thing itíll peak and come down after some time. And I actually feel some relief afterwards. It feels very natural.

    The old me would try to squash it using Compulsion strategies to escape that feeling. Has anyone else encountered the notion that OCD might be a coping mechanism for dealing with difficult feelings you donít like?

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    Re: Is OCD just an anxiety coping mechanism?

    I think so. Rationalising the idea that "if I indulge in certain behaviour then it will mean that things I'm anxious about will not happen". It's difficult to break that as a belief system if it's got you this far, and you feel it has helped with your anxiety. But it sounds like you're making progress in dealing with both!!

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