Just the tip of the iceberg. I'm 31 and have been struggling with healthy anxiety for years. My mom died of Cancer at age 45 (they never found out where it originated, which is terrifying, but it was in the lining of her colon, and spread to her lungs and liver I believe) which I know is where it stems from.

Currently it's Ovarian Cancer. I've had this pain in my lower right pelvis for what seems like forever, at least years. I've had at least two transvaginal ultrasounds in the past 2 years. It's been confirmed that I have several small cysts on both ovaries, but I only really get pain on the right side. The doctors didn't seem too concerned about them, but I'm freaked out that they will turn into something more serious. They put me on Birth Control to try and manage symptoms, which seemed to help, but my period stopped and I got freaked out and stopped for 2 weeks. The pain returned, which also freaked me out, so I started the pills again this past week. I'm sure my body is hella confused. Before birth control my periods were super heavy, irregular, and painful. I want to go in for another scan. I've been diagnosed with IBS before after I got scared in college and had a partial colonoscopy, I think I was like 22 at the time? I know that that's sort of a catch-all diagnoses, like who DOESN'T have IBS.

So I'm wondering if the pain is just a combination of Ovarian Cysts/hormones and IBS. I'm convincing myself that I'm more bloated that I am, and just generally psyching myself out. I'm super active, otherwise healthy, non-smoker, definitely drink a bit(not everyday or anything).

I have an appointment with a nurse practitioner at my OBGYN tomorrow. Hope to feel better after that. Just venting here really.