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    Tight throat/post nasal drip.. feels even tighter when moving neck?!

    Hi, so I don't know if this is normal with globus -I'm guessing it's this load of phlegm in my throat that is causing it (hence assuming it's post nasal drip that I have!) I've had this about two weeks now but it's gotten worse, and throat feels irritated.
    The thing that's bothering me even more is the fact that it's effected by position, like when I turn my neck to look sideways.. sometimes it feels like it's verging on gagging feeling. Is this something people experience with the globus symptom I wonder? Feels like my neck is kind of tight as well as in my throat if that makes sense.

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    Re: Tight throat/post nasal drip.. feels even tighter when moving neck?!

    I came here with the intention of posting about this exact same thing! I've been having anxiety over what my GP thinks is globus because it's more prominent -- and sometimes only noticeable -- when I turn my head to the left. She didn't seem to find this remarkable because as she says, "our bodies are not actually symmetrical; there are almost always anatomical differences between the different sides of your body." She has still referred me to an ENT just for the sake of clarity, but I've been panicking about this feeling for the past two weeks, and it's really taking its toll on me.

    Solidarity, friend.

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