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Thread: Getting off Propanolol - abruptly?!

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    Getting off Propanolol - abruptly?!

    So I have been taking Propanolol 40mg since December, and all had been well until it was discovered that I have IBS. This IBS is triggered even more by my anxiety medication. I asked what to do about it to my Doctor and he said I could get off it like that! Now I'm rather confused and worried because it's plastered everywhere that you're supposed to taper off the dose. I stopped this evening and I'm now taking Sertraline. Whats going on?? Is it okay to do that??!

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    Re: Getting off Propanolol - abruptly?!

    Shouldn't cause any life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Perhaps palps or fast heart rate for a while. I wouldn't worry.

    Hope sertraline helps.

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    Re: Getting off Propanolol - abruptly?!

    Yes, I too have only read online that you're supposed to slowly withdraw from propranolol, however we are not doctors (unless you are!) and your GP would not allow you to do something if it was dangerous. I've taken prop for a while now, if I miss a few (I'm forgetful) then I usually experience a higher heart rate and adrenaline bursts, nothing serious I guess. I'm on 3 x 40mg a day.

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    Re: Getting off Propanolol - abruptly?!


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    Re: Getting off Propanolol - abruptly?!

    How have you been since stopping them?

    Sorry just want to come of them myself and scared of withdrawal but only been on them 5 days

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    Re: Getting off Propanolol - abruptly?!

    If you've only been on them for five days then you really don't need to worry. I've taken propranolol for three months at a time and come off it without tapering with absolutely no harm.

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