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    Panic attack during Blood Pressure test ?


    has anyone else suffered a panic attack during a blood pressure test with a cuff ?

    I have a wrist device which inflates for home use and could not finish the test due to the sensation and following panic attack.

    I also dislike the arm cuff method. Both also sound horrendous - I'm sensitive especially when anxious.
    I hate feeling the blood literally pressured around my body mostly in the area of the inflation but also around my torso.

    I always get white coat syndrome so thought doing it at home would be better but alas not.

    Has anyone tried the non-cuff blood pressure monitors for smart phones ? This might get around the uncomfortable sensation from the cuff method and wondered if you got less stressful results?

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    Re: Panic attack during Blood Pressure test ?

    I wouldn't trust an app on a phone for something so important I have white coat syndrome because of panic attacks you just need to work yourself up to it and keep it under control as much as you can.Has your doctor ever took your blood pressure from your upper arm with the stethoscope.

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    Re: Panic attack during Blood Pressure test ?

    A long time ago yes a BP with cuff was used, and it did not cause me that sensation then. But a lot has gone on inside me since I am sure which is causing the internal pressure of feeling the pulse inside my abs.

    I've mentioned it to a private Dr (that I had to use non cuff method) but they didn't have anything to say. Will be mentioning it to my usual Doc as well.
    Trying to get an x-ray to see what is actually causing the constriction and other issues.
    But currently because they think it is just super rock hard muscles due to anxiety they haven't offered the x-ray.
    Ultrasound is out of the question due to pain from tense muscles. They can't even feel my tummy due to the muscles in the way. (this has happened recently and wasn't an issue when I tried to do cuff BP last year).
    I'm working on relaxing the muscles to normal, and reduce the pain and go from there...

    It's so hard when you know you aren't allowed to ask for things like an x-ray.

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