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Thread: Moviprep worries

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    Unhappy Moviprep worries

    I am due to have a colonoscopy in a few weeks but am a little concerned about the preparation for this procedure. I have been given Moviprep to take prior to the appointment and would like to hear from anyone who has had this procedure using this product, is it as bad as it sounds

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    Re: Moviprep worries

    Not that it's bad, it's just well.... not fun. It's basically an industrial strength laxative and it works really well. There's no pain or discomfort really, you just have to go! Just have your phone or laptop charged or a good book and stay near the bathroom I will say afterwards it felt good to be cleaned out for a change

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    Re: Moviprep worries

    Mix it with something like a cordial as it doesn't taste nice!

    You will not be able to go out or leave the house though as you need to be near a loo

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    Re: Moviprep worries

    I haven't personally taken it, although believe the above posters when they say "it will clear you out". It really is "the business". It and Picolax ha
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