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Thread: PACs ("skipped beats') - False Feeling

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    PACs ("skipped beats') - False Feeling

    I have a long history of PACs (with some PVCs) and am being treated with a beta blocker to supress them.

    Recently, in the past week or so, I have been having "feelings" of a "skipped beat" of a "dropping" in my chest area, but when I check my pulse I am not actually having any skipped beats.

    Has anyone ever felt this ? Is it a sign of something else or likely just "in my head".

    This feeling is keeping me on edge.

    Thanks - Rich

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    Re: PACs ("skipped beats') - False Feeling

    Hi, Rich,

    My name is margy, i get the exact same feeling as you, i suffer with missed beats, i get scared sometimes, but my doctor has told me time and time again they are not dangerous, there normal to have, it is just i feel them more because i am a very anxious person. I am also on a beta blocker, called propranalol. And it isn't in your head, you are feeling them, it is a real feeling.



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