Ive just introduced myself this week and this is my story of my health anxiety.Im 50 years old and have suffered from panic and anxiety most of my adult life.Been on Citolopram and bb over the years but with no real effect.For the last couple of years i have been free of anxiety and panic,but its always been lurking in the background.However just before Christmas this year i started to feel rather unwell,aches,flu like symptoms etc,but put it down to work and all go like we are at times.However in tandem with this was the most awful case of sinusitis ive ever had,this was on another scale in the pain and headache scale.Sent myself to the docs and she diagnosed me with Chronic Maxifacial Sinusitis and put me on antibiotics to ease it and ibuprofen for the pain.With this and the virus i had made me feel really ill and to top it all off i got a reaction to ibuprofen and came out it a rash and swollen ankles so had to stop them.Its been 2 months and im still struggling with the sinus problem.Even bought a Neti Pot but it only eases it for a couple of hours.I suffer with a deviated septum and allergic rhinitis which doesnt help.And i hold my hand up and admit ive seen Dr Google and i know i shouldnt have but i was in a bad place.It has set off a whole raft of anxiety problems,having no energy,derealization etc.loss of appetite,stomach churning and even been off work sick as i feel not detatched from everyday life.I tried to hold back from meds but my gp has put me on Sertraline 50 mg and Propanolol 10 mg.Heres hoping i can get rid of this awful health anxiety and get my life back because these symptoms are taking over every waking hour and its really getting me down.Sorry to go on but i thought i would tell my story,thanks for reading and feel free to reply. thanks, David.