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Thread: Skin cancer- weird mole

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    Skin cancer- weird mole

    Last year sometime I had a mole on my leg which felt dry like a scab I could pick. It made me panic and obviously I googled but it didnít look really scary and everyone was like it looks normal but I wanted to pick it because it felt like a scab.

    The dry feeling of my mole then went away and just went back to feeling normal but now itís back and feels like a scab again and Iím really worried all over again.

    I do suffer with exczma but thereís only really bad exczma on my knees atm so now Iím just really worried

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    Re: Skin cancer- weird mole

    You'd need to see your doctor about this. It doesn't sound sinister, but as you haven't attached a picture, nobody can say for sure. Good luck

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    Re: Skin cancer- weird mole

    It could just be your skin is dry where the mole sits and thatís what causing it to scab but as Radio said above Iíd just pop to you Drs to get it checked just for your own reassurance.

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    Re: Skin cancer- weird mole

    I went rushing to my doctor a year ago with the exact same issue! A raised mole that Iíd had for years suddenly developed a white crust on it.
    My GP just said that moles are part of the skin and can get dry, irritated and scabby just like anywhere else. He told me to moisturise it....and waddya know, the problem went away!

    Given that your scab healed and then came back, I donít think it sounds sinister.
    BCC and SCC donít heal, remain crusty and often bleed.
    Melanoma gets rapidly worse in size, colour and shape.

    Obviously my opinion can not replace that if a doctor, so if youíre worried get it checked.

    But more likely scenarios could be thatbuts in a place where clothes or jewellery might be irritating it. Or itís getting dry. Or itís eczema/psoriasis related.

    Try not to pick at it though.

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    Re: Skin cancer- weird mole

    Healthcare Professional with Health Anxiety

    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

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