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Thread: Windex may have gotten in my eyes?

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    Windex may have gotten in my eyes?

    I was cleaning the bathroom mirror downstairs. Im not sure if some of it flew back at me, but afterwards I felt like my eyes were kinda burning on and off all night. I woke up this morning and both of my eyes look red. My first thought was pink eye but then I remembered that last night and now I am terrified I am going to go blind or something!

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    Re: Windex may have gotten in my eyes?

    No idea what windex is but you won't go blind just like that from a cleaning product.

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    Re: Windex may have gotten in my eyes?

    Maybe slight irritation because of mist, but if you'd actually got it in your eyes, it would sting like a bitch and you WOULD KNOW IT!

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