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Thread: Scared of possible AFib

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    Scared of possible AFib

    I have been feeling some missed beats for several days. When I check my pulse rate, it feels regular and the rate is generally in the low 50ís. I am on a beta blocker ( Inderal - 20 mg / 2 times a day ). Could my heart rhythm be in AFib, despite in feeling regular on pulse check ?

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    Re: Scared of possible AFib

    In all honesty, I think it would unwise of anyone to form a judgement on your heart based on 3 sentences ( Have you suffered 'missed beats' before ? Have you been on a betablocker for long? Do you have any heart condition already existing?)...and the fact that we aren't medics in any shape or form. Heart arrythmias are something which it would be unwise to guess about . I do think that if you have recently developed a feeling that you can't identify, then you should contact your PCP and have them assess you and your medication. Saying that, you are posting on an anxiety (and not a heart site lol) so I'm thinking maybe you are wondering if it is something caused by that.

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