Im 35 nearly 36 weeks pregnant .. 3 weeks ago I was tested for breathlessness, fast heart beat and palps they checked for DVT by ultrasound on legs , lung X ray, echocardiogram, lung perfusion scan to rule out any problems with heart or clot on lungs all come back normal luckily. Then a few nights ago I woke up with leg and calf pain if went when I got up but I stupidly googled and come up with DVT and clots so I have panicked everyday ... Queue the next day calling the doctor and she said doesn't sound alarming as not red or swollen or serve pain.. this was all the left leg and then later in the day my right thigh and calf started hurting I called the doctor back yet again and she wasn't concerend said same thing. Then Saturday my right calf conviently was hurting and my knee ... And I come obsessed with checking it .. But today does feel better but today I feel a bit short of breath/ tight chested which is how I felt when I was checked only 3 weeks ago .. ive spent the day googling and panicking... I am now so sure I have a clot and im panicking I am scared .. I plan on going to gp tomorrow and I don't feel tight chested all day so not sure how much is in my head 😥😥😭😭I can't get a grip of this fear. Please help.. really I think I can breath and only right chested if not I would be up a &e.

Do I go back to doctors tomorrow ? How would I know if this is anxiety? My scans where clear 3 weeks ago!