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Thread: Finally got a Tribunal date and need some advice

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    Finally got a Tribunal date and need some advice

    Alright Guys, I have my date for my PIP Tribunal which is on the 9th April.
    If there is someone on here who has gone through it, what is it like? Who is in the room? What sort of questions do they ask you?
    Also, can you get it backdated if you win and if so do you have to ask them to backdate it?

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    Re: Finally got a Tribunal date and need some advice

    Iím apply for pip and waiting for tribunal just want to say good luck not done one for pip but did for esa year back . Itís fairly relaxed I actually donít remember getting ask much question my dad represented me ( he works for unison Though so he is used to things like that ) with them I got award two year for them x

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    Re: Finally got a Tribunal date and need some advice

    I went through one and absolutely smashed it. My girlfriend went through one and absolutely smashed it.

    The whole process for benefits, particularly disability benefits, is cruel, traumatic and dehumanising. What's happening is basically state-created human rights abuse. All to save a few quid so they can up their own wages, get involved in foreign wars and further their own agenda via television (if anyone still takes BBC News seriously, they should take a good long look at themselves - it's so blatantly full of propaganda that I can't believe that A) people don't know and B) it's allowed).

    Remember that nearly everyone who goes to a tribunal will win. You've got to make the tribunal members feel how it is to be you. This means you need to describe yourself at your utter worst. You must not mention any hopes, or any improvements. If you are in therapy and on meds you must describe how they are not curing it and not providing much or any improvement. And remember, the DWP and their cronies will lie and deny at every turn. Literally, the Syndicate from the X-Files is more honest and upstanding. You will not be under sworn oath.

    Therefore, exaggerate every point, but do not lie. If you are reasonable and act in good faith (note: by this I mean if you accept any of the DWP's points, or give any ground, or refuse to exaggerate, or start talking about "how far you've come") they are more likely to win as they are underhand and totally unafraid of talking crap. Be pleasant and polite to the tribunal - I won't go as far as to say they're on your side, but they know when someone is genuine (hence don't lie) and they will look for ways to make you fit the DWP's criteria. Do not ever antagonise the tribunal members as they are your only hope.

    Explain to the court that you feel the DWP have already ignored or distorted your evidence, and how they based their decision on the assessor's report, which in itself is effectively a work of fiction. Explain that you have provided evidence supplied by medical professionals with relevant qualifications and the DWP have been unable to do the same; therefore they have no realistic or reasonable case, and you feel that the DWP's argument should be dismissed. Also, if anyone attended the assessment with you (please tell me you didn't go alone), bring them with you and they can confirm that in their opinion, the assessment report is a fabrication.

    Afterwards, do whatever it takes to discharge the pent-up horror and the filthy sense of invasion. Call the Samaritans, call a friend, play the computer (just don't play N++ for God's sake).

    Good luck.
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    Re: Finally got a Tribunal date and need some advice

    I won guys!!!!!

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    Re: Finally got a Tribunal date and need some advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Roseessa View Post
    I won guys!!!!!
    Quite right, too!

    Never Surrender, Comrade

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    Re: Finally got a Tribunal date and need some advice


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    Re: Finally got a Tribunal date and need some advice

    Well done it is a horrible experience.

    I know a felt a bit vindicated when I won mine, all the lies that the assessor had written really upset me.
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    Re: Finally got a Tribunal date and need some advice

    Yeah I defintely felt like that afterwards as well.
    The assessor lied so much and to show how badly they lied felt good.
    It took over a year and 4 months but its done and now i just have to wait for the backpay and everything to come through.
    Does anyone know how long it normally takes for that to happen?

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