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Thread: Online Friends.

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    Online Friends.

    Id love to chat to some like-minded people here. Im 28 and from the UK. I suffer with extreme social phobia and anxiety which led me to becoming housebound for several years. I have been making some steady progress though and Im slowly venturing out into the world.
    Feel free to send a message if youd like to talk, Im a lonely soul!

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    Re: Online Friends.

    Hi dimples, would you like to chat? Im 33 yr old
    Make that suffered with panic, anxiety and depression. We can whats app but only if you feel comfortable too!

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    Re: Online Friends.

    Hey, feel free to message me if you'd like to chat.
    I'm 28, female and from the UK too! Xx
    If you can't handle me, that makes two of us.

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    Re: Online Friends.

    hello, i have anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia, feel free to send me a message

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    Re: Online Friends.

    Hi! Just wanted to add to the list; Ive spent much of my life with health anxiety, panic and elements of social phobia and ocd, very happy to chat if you wanted to add to pm/friends, I like to think Im a good listener. Hope you are ok

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