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Thread: What sort of withdrawal can I expect?

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    What sort of withdrawal can I expect?

    After 2 weeks on 20mg of fluoxetine I can no longer bear the terrible headaches and the insomnia (to name just two of the appalling side effects).

    I won't take this drug again, so now I have to deal with discontinuation. After 15 doses of 20mg does anyone know how bad / how long the withdrawal is going to be?


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    Re: What sort of withdrawal can I expect?

    Do it slowly.

    I stopped mine suddenly with nothing major in terms of side-effects but this is NOT recommended and I did not even tell the doctor I had stopped taking it.

    It won't be too bad after that short a time.

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    Re: What sort of withdrawal can I expect?

    I think you will have to just stop taking it unless you get the liquid because you can't cut the 20mg capsules. Fluoxetine has a very long half-life anyway so you shouldn't have any withdrawal problems after just 2 weeks.

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