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Thread: Robotic/bubble like feeling

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    Robotic/bubble like feeling

    2 years ago had the worst time of my life so far with generalised anxiety that came out of the blue and took over my life for a long time, since then I found ways to control it in order to get on with day to day life.
    However I have never felt the same. I feel robotic or like not fully present in my own life, like a spectator or just an existence and am always tired, drained and overthinking. I have been going through a down patch recently which has made this worse but also I feel like I am down partly as a result of feeling like this generally.
    Ps. I am not on any medication or anything that this could be a side effect of

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    Re: Robotic/bubble like feeling

    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling low, Healthworrier. It's understandable that if you've been anxious for a while, you might get some depersonalisation, which can feel like numbness and being drained. It stands to reason that one's body can't sustain an anxious pitch for a very long time before going a bit numb to cope with the feeling. I can certainly relate to this feeling, which I tend to experience after a week or two of high anxiety. My suggestion is always to restart your support mechanisms and take positive steps towards not feeling so anxious. This means, potentially, discussing the problem with your GP or starting some counselling. Who can you reach out to for help? Are there any self-help books you could access to give yourself a boost? What kinds of self-care (going for a walk, gardening, watching TV, hot bath, making a nice meal etc.) could you do one of today? The important thing is to do one small thing today which you can feel proud of and which will start getting you out of your head and into your life We are here for you and support you! one day at a time x

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