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Thread: Need Someone Who Understands

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    Need Someone Who Understands

    I am having the hardest time. I just spent a good half hour in hysterics over the feelings that are going on in my throat and windpipe. I came down with a virus last Monday and had the full on sore throat and body aches and now I have a cough that will not leave me alone. I just spent the last half hour crying, gagging, coughing, and trying to breathe. I知 so overwhelmed and it feels like it will never go away. I知 supposed to go to therapy today. I have to go to work this week. But I can稚 sleep. I知 at the end of my rope. How long will this whole thing last? The gagging and the tickle and the choking are so hard to deal with

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    Re: Need Someone Who Understands

    I could have written this post about ten years ago. I hope you're no longer sick with a virus, and therefore feeling less anxious as a result. What saved me was a fast-acting nasal spray decongestant that could rapidly clear up the dripping/tickling feeling in my throat while also making it easier to breathe through my nose. It's a lot easier to use the techniques that you learn in therapy to calm down and rationalize that you're not dying when you don't feel like you're choking. It also makes it easier to sleep, too.

    Take care of yourself!
    i must not fear, fear is the mind-killer
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    where the fear has gone there will be nothing
    only i will remain

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