Hi all, so basically after 7 months of being unable to leave the house on my own I've finally been given the go ahead for CBT therapy. I did previously try online CBT but had issues with the therapist not turning up for appointments so I wanted to do it face to face this time. I've waited over a month to be assessed for therapy and really want to get started but the only way I can get there is if my mum takes me. My mum works at a school and doesn't finish until half 5 most days which is pretty much working hours for everyone. The other day I got a call from a therapist saying she had an appointment for 11am and I explained I couldn't make it as I had no way of getting there (the place is pretty far away from where I live) she was kind of pushy in asking if there was any other way i could get there but obviously being an agoraphobic public transport and such is a huge no. Anyway she said she would call me back if any late appointments came up.

She rang me back a couple of days later and asked if I would do a phone appointment, I'm not so keen as the whole point of this is to get me to leave the house however it's the best I could get. When I accepted she said she'll explain on the phone what CBT is and then said once I understand it I may be able to come in and speak to her properly.

The thing is I'm just not sure they understand that I can't physically leave the house on my own, a phone call isn't going to make me get in a taxi or on the bus for the first time in over half a year.

I'm just wondering how others dealt with this. I'm starting to wonder if I should maybe go private and look for a late night therapist so that my mum could drive me there. I don't have anyone else and I can't really afford it but I'm just not able to see anyone during working hours and by the sounds of it that's all they can offer me.

Thanks for listening to my issues haha, any advice would be really helpful