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Thread: Hormone Imbalance...............

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    Hormone Imbalance...............

    Hello All,

    Does anyone know if a hormonal imbalance can cause or bring on anxiety/panic?


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    Hi Scared,

    We have so many different hormones in our bodies.
    A very few can initiate a state where we may experience anxiety ie overproduction of thyroid, not enough SSRI, uncontrolled low blood sugar due to pancreas secretions dysfunctioning although these are not hormones as such.

    Exactly like people not 'being able' to lose weight is due to 'their hormones'. This is perfectly true of a very small percentage of people who are not losing weight. Same with anxiety- however all these can be helped.


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    I got really bad when pregnant with my second child and worse after the birth (6 months ago)

    I seen a article in a sunday supplement re anxiety and the doctor replied it could be a hormone inbalance.

    Doctor gave me the contraceptive pill when i had the wee one but i am too scared to take it!!


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