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Thread: PTSD and Triggers

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    Re: PTSD and Triggers

    Darksky a for you.
    And well done for finding the thread.

    And good to hear a positive side confetti.

    We tend to spend a lot of time trying to overcome our demons and fighting the residue of trauma, but we rarely open up about our inner feelings or experiences.
    There is an element of fear in even doing that.
    Do we want to open up old wounds? Will it make us relive the moment? Will it make us feel worse?
    I can't answer that, but is it healthy to carry that pain around manifesting inside and constantly feeding us with fear?
    We are all different and one person will cope differently to another and be affected differently.
    But underneath, are we all the same?
    Can a trauma even be stored for many years to affect us later in life, by a trigger?
    I think it can and my experiences confirm that for me.
    Hard to change the thought of a trigger, but maybe dealing with the original trauma is the answer.

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    Re: PTSD and Triggers

    I find myself having uncomfortable dreams over my late mum again.
    They are not nightmares, but dreams that make me feel sad and uncomfortable and even guilty.
    The dreams are vivid and at times disturbing and there's no particular reason that has triggered this. Not in my conscious mind anyway.
    I feel I can't be free of guilt and sadness and at the same time I feel I went above and beyond to be a good daughter.
    So why does this still haunt me 2 years on?
    I know I need to stop torturing myself with these unhelpful thoughts and try and remember the kind words she left me with, which was actually a long time coming. But at least I got it in the end.
    I just wish the dreams would stop.

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    Re: PTSD and Triggers

    sends you hugs Carnation, maybe the dreams are your subconscious way of working through the death of your mom? I went to Walmart with hubby and got triggered by When A Man Loves A Woman song over the intercom system, on Saturday, my ex used to play it when he was beating me and sometimes he would play it to let me know a beating was coming. Carnation reading some of your story on here, about your mom and dad, and not getting enough food and such, sounds much like what I went through, gives you lots and lots and lots of hugs.
    One day at a time

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    Re: PTSD and Triggers

    Thank you Tracey

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    Re: PTSD and Triggers

    I had no idea I had PTSD until recently. I was sure there was a sub-forum here but couldn't find it, and am pleased to see it's back

    I'm still trying to work through it all. I was warned that therapy would make it worse before it got better, and it's been harder than I could have imagined, fluctuating between anxiety, depression, and various other states. I guess mine relates to loss and some elements of abuse in my childhood. It's difficult for me to recognise it for what it was, because I know people go through much worse, but it does help to have a professional name it as that.

    I guess I'm still working out triggers too. Certain people are probably the biggest triggers, as well as certain situations where I feel trapped. Also smaller things like music.

    Dreams are interesting and I had a recurring dream for years about a particular person. That person is still appearing in my dreams but there's definitely been a shift in how they appear, and it's not quite as frightening. I'm sorry you are having this Carnation. It is difficult having that cinema playing at night and then feeling it so acutely on waking up.

    Can a trauma be stored for years to affect us later on? In my opinion, absolutely 100% yes.
    'If you're going through hell, keep going' (Winston Churchill)

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    Re: PTSD and Triggers

    Hi Dying Swan.
    Yes, a lot of people don't even realise they are suffering from PTSD, which makes any demons harder to deal with because you don't realise what is happening to you.
    I find most GPs generalise conditions with anxiety and that's it! But a lot of anxiety is linked to something else and we are left to find that out for ourselves.
    It's like when you told you have anxiety and we go away thinking, "why?", "what caused it? ".
    Then if we are successful enough to find the root, we then have to work at how to deal with it or just suffer and live with it.
    There's not too much info around either and mostly exposure therapy seems the only practice which can be just as traumatic as the root of the problem.
    But one thing that helps is knowing you are not only, there are other people to share and understand and help.
    We shouldn't feel inadequate for the way we feel especially as the cause is generally not even our fault.
    We may have to adapt our lives in a different way so it is less painful.
    Memories unfortunately can not be wiped out, but we can build new ones to help and overtime it will feel more bearable. x

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