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Thread: How many?

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    How many?

    I'm not asking for stories or specifics or anything triggering, don't worry, but I wanted to ask for a show of hands to see how many (or rather how few) of us there are? Official or unofficial diagnosis.

    I have C-PTSD, which was fairly late in its development considering the timeline of trauma. I'm also going to university this year to study psychology with counselling with view of helping other trauma survivors!

    Emma xx
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    Re: How many?

    I'll be the first Emma

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    Re: How many?

    I don't but I will point out various members have mentioned they have. I think AntysVee will be on this board when she is back on as she has asked about a board like this. She talked about PTSD and the articles talking about how it's more common than we know but is less diagnosed. She made some very interesting points across various threads about this.

    I've also known a long term member of NMP with PTSD but she has since left.
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    Re: How many?

    I'm here, hello! I'm really happy to see that PTSD has a sub-forum now. Even if I likely won't use it too frequently (my OCD is loud, annoying, and takes center-stage in my life), I'd love to pop in every now and then.
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