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Thread: Week 5 of symptoms/side effects?

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    Week 5 of symptoms/side effects?

    I'm currently in week 5 of taking citalopram 10mg. After the first week which was horrendous with side effects (body jolts, agitated, more panicky than ever) I DO feel better. My anxious thoughts are more controlled, if that's the best way to describe it. I don't feel like I spiral into catastrophic thoughts. However....I feel like I'm constantly trembling, shaking etc. I don't know if you can physically see it or if it's my muscles which have been so tense and anxious getting rid of some of that energy (is that even a thing or am I just clutching at straws here?) It's making me start to worry again. And after feeling so much better I feel like I'm heading back down the wrong road.

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    Re: Week 5 of symptoms/side effects?


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