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Thread: Anyone taking Trazodone

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    Anyone taking Trazodone

    Hi all
    Just wanted to know if any of you were taking Trazodone,sometimes called mollipazin.I am on 100mg at night for anxiety but realy do not think they are helping.I am trying very hard to redo my old negative thinking habit and practice breathing better so i am wondering if i should try and stop the medication.

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    Re: Anyone taking Trazodone

    Hi tamo,

    I am on 100mgs at night to help me sleep. (Along with other meds).

    I do think it helps slightly. I've tried stopping it and my anxiety increased, so I guess it is doing me some good. Initially when I started on it I found it slightly increased my anxiety but that may have just been imagined. It helps a bit with my sleep and I sometimes feel a bit groggy and hungover if I wake up too early.

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