I had my monthly follow with my psychiatrist and she upped my dose of Buspar to 60MG. I'm also on Effexor 225MG. I'm supposed to try the increase for a month and report back to her on how i feel. Anxiety is my main symptom. If the Buspar doesn't work, do you all think I should try Pregabalin? I mentioned Pregabalin to my psychiatrist and she says she doesn't normally prescribed that med, only because it's a drug of abuse so she would rather try other things like Gabapentin first (which apparently is also a drug of abuse now according to her. She said she would be open to trying Pregablin with me IF the increased dose of Buspar doesn't work.

Does anybody have good experience with this med. I already take klonopin and i would love to get off of that and replace it will something less habit forming. I have severe anxiety and Panic Disorder (also depression, which has been resolved with Effexor).