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Thread: First Major Panic Attack In weeks

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    First Major Panic Attack In weeks

    Hey all,
    I was doing so well, had a great few weeks no anxiety, no panic attacks, no worries or stress. Yesterday I was sitting and I happened to look down at my Fitbit and it said my heart rate was 55 then went to 58, no dizziness, or tiredness or shortness of breath, now I will get short of breath when working out, or walking for exercise, must make note I was sitting very still almost in a trance like state and slow breaths, no I wasn't trying to meditate though I do do that, I was just sitting and zoning out, I was like what the heck, it's never been that low, I would get up and move around and it would jump back up, then I came here to look at threads and it kept going to 63 then 60 so I was like okay good, I have been watching my sodium and working out more, using hand weights, doing DDP yoga, eating more fiber and fruits and salads and hardly red meat and sugary sweets, I have lost a pound and I feel great. I just got so worried had major panic attack after googling, Yep I know I know, then I see articles where they are trying to get the new heart rate listed as 50-90 for normal, I saw five articles, anyone else see this, then I saw something that the 60-100 is a myth and it's actually lower, then I saw that people who are in great shape can have this resting heart rate I am in no means in great shape I just started really exercising agian two weeks ago and moving more, I am 338 I was at 385, but I also heard that overweight people like me can have a very healthy heart and have no issues with heartrate getting to that point, I am so confused at what is and what isn't correct, I mean I just now gotten used to the new blood pressure requirements, LOL. I have been constantly checking my Fitbit and see that my heart rate when sitting very still can go to 63-60 and I start to freak thinking it's going to dip to the upper fifties again. I have almost talked myself into going for a physical. When I wake up in the morning my heart rate is about 65-69, I heard that is the only time you are supposed to check it and that be the actual one you pay attention to, is to do it right when you open your eyes before getting out of bed or moving much.

    update I was zoning out reading a thread and looked down heartrate 59 as soon I moved it jumped back up. to sixty eight then down to 66
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    Re: First Major Panic Attack In weeks

    I think you are causing yourself stress and panic by over checking too much.
    The rule of thumb is if you feel better, then you normally are!

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    Re: First Major Panic Attack In weeks

    Thanks Carnation and I am hearing that fitbit is not the most accurate tracking device, on Tuesday I was looking back at my stats and once my heart rate got to 57, I am trying not to be overly worried maybe my heart is healthier than what I believe. I was told that if it goes under 50 than I should be worried as medical professionals are trying to get heart rate guide changed from 60-100 to 50-90 and on that note I just turned the heartrate app off on my fitbit I only want to track steps anyway, hubby told me not to worry unless I was having dizziness and or feeling like I am going to faint so far none of that.
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