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Thread: Short Term Mirtazapine Use

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    Short Term Mirtazapine Use

    Have had recent gastric problems that have caused me anxiety to the extent that the anxiety was exacerbating my stomach problems (continuous feedback loop) and adversely affecting my ability to achieve sufficient sleep at night.

    My GP considers that my gastric problem has been caused by a recent increase in the Metformin that I take to control my Type 2 Diabetes.

    GP solution to the problem has been to decrease the Metformin to address the gastric issues. To address the anxiety, the GP prescribed a short course (28 days) of Mirtazapine (15mg) to address the anxiety issue and also help with the sleep problem. I have to return to the GP in a month to see how things have gone.

    I have no no experience of Mirtazapine, so would be very grateful for any advice or general observations about this drug that may help me along the road to recovery.

    Many thanks in anticipation.
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    Re: Short Term Mirtazapine Use

    I know how distressing and anxiety provoking stomach problems can be as I am a sufferer myself, so you have my sympathies. But I have to say I have never heard of such a short course of Mirtazapine being prescribed as it really only starts to work for anxiety after two to four weeks, although it usually helps with sleep straight away.

    Also you say you are a Type 2 diabetic and Mirtazapine is notorious for weight gain in many. I wonder if your GP has thought this through thoroughly?

    All the best.

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    Re: Short Term Mirtazapine Use

    Many thanks for your reply.

    His thoughts on the short term use of Mirtazapine were that they would provide me with some steady hours of sleep. That, in turn, would then reduce my anxiety and then the reduced anxiety, coupled with the reduction in Metformin, would then resolve the stomach issues.

    He did not consider that 15mg of Mirtazapine was a therapeutic dose for anxiety.

    The idea is that I try that for a month. If it works, then all fine and dandy. If it doesn’t, then implement Plan B.

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    Re: Short Term Mirtazapine Use

    The only problem with mirtazapine is your type-2 diabetes, because it can increase appetite significantly in some people (along with total cholesterol).

    However, for short-term use, it might work.

    (I say this as a precaution only.)

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    Re: Short Term Mirtazapine Use

    Yes, I’ve read that can happen. I’m going to have to be very disciplined. ��
    Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday.

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