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    Thumbs down CBC + Liver Enzyme Test: Coping Tips for Test/Anticipatory Anxiety?

    I'm a mess right now... I don't want to feed my OCD by consulting Dr. Google any further than I already have, so I figured I'd come here for coping tips instead.

    I'm waiting for the results of a third CBC/liver function test, and if it comes back abnormal, I'm going to have to see a hematologist, so my anxiety is already high. I've also been struggling with my eating disorder lately and going for long periods of time without eating, so I'm worried that my potassium is going to be low on top of the abnormal results that I've had in the past (I've been hospitalized with hypokalemia before). I know it's just my OCD lobbing various invasive thoughts at me, but I feel truly overwhelmed and frightened. For reference: I was eating normally when I took the first two tests, my anxiety's just reached a real low point, so I stopped eating consistently a few weeks before the third one.

    Does anyone have any coping tips for dealing with test-related anticipatory anxiety/good coping tips in general? Or has anyone been referred to a hematologist before and it still turned out to be nothing?

    I want to say that I don't need any reassurance, but I don't have any family support (parents/grandparents are deceased), my friends don't really understand my OCD/health anxiety, and my partner is already overburdened living with me and my various issues.
    i must not fear, fear is the mind-killer
    fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration
    i will face my fear
    i will permit it to pass over me and through me
    and when it has gone past i will turn the inner eye to see its path
    where the fear has gone there will be nothing
    only i will remain

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    Re: CBC + Liver Enzyme Test: Coping Tips for Test/Anticipatory Anxiety?

    I'm sorry hun, I don't know alot about the tests personally- but within my work I have brought alot of people to Hematologist (I work in older people care.) Most of them don't turn out to be big deals, they have to go on tablets to balance things (I won't lie and say I knows loads about these things! But everyone I dealt and helped with is doing all good now!).

    Also not a doctor or a expert but I had a dear friend who struggled with a eating disorder, it tossed off alot of her tests. She's doing fine now thankfully.

    I'm sorry to hear you're struggling so much hun, I from my own choices really don't talk to anyone in my life about my worries or anxiety (expect my therapist who I am VERY lucky to have and I'm aware of that ). Maybe always post here so you're not to alone? You're allowed to post into this space, you're having worries and no one should feel alone (I also get not wanting to put pressure on that partner thing x)

    Sorry if I'm really not giving you the info you wanted? Just wanted to give a reply xx

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    Re: CBC + Liver Enzyme Test: Coping Tips for Test/Anticipatory Anxiety?

    Iím in the same boat, awaiting my second liver function tests. Just got to hold on I suppose. Try to eat on time to the best of your ability, small frequent meals will help.

    If I may ask, what have your liver enzyme test results been?

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