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Thread: Redness on breast

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    Redness on breast

    Hi. I noticed this morning one of my breasts had a bit of redness. I'm completely freaking out. I googled it and it said it could be inflammatory breast cancer. I'm so scared. Any ideas what this could Be? Anyone had this before?

    Please reply
    Love Louise xxxxxxxxxx

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    Re: Redness on breast

    Hi, I've had this scare a few times myself over the years, it's usually a spot or a bite. If the spot was anywhere else on our bodies, we'd think nothing of it, but because it's on a breast it does cause anxiety. A spot can take 5-10 days to resolve, it can be caused by folliculitis (inflammation of the small follicles), it can be raised and have a small white spot on it. Another thing that causes redness can be telangiectasia (tiny spider veins) which can appear then disappear. It may be an allergic rash.

    I'd observe the redness for a few days and see if it gets any better or worse. My adult daughter had a rash for a while then saw her Dr, who gave her some anti-inflammatory cream which resolved things.

    IBC gets worse quickly and is hot and very itchy and often has an underlying lump. It's rare and vary unlikely to be what you have got.

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