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Thread: Is this at all plausible?

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    Is this at all plausible?

    I had an appointment to check out my breast lump at the hospital on Tuesday.

    The doctor examined me, and then asked me to point out the lump.
    Typically, I couldn't locate it at the time, and so could not point out the lump, just the approximate area. Was a bit embarrassing and really frustrating for me, as I'd felt it earlier that day.
    Anyway, I had that area looked at with the ultrasound wand thing, and the doc said it was just normal breast tissue.

    Got home, and suprise surprise, I can quite easily pinpoint the lump again - must've been the pressure of having to find it for the doc there and then.

    I should be feeling relief and have closure on the issue, but I can't help thinking maybe they've missed it as I couldn't pinpoint it exactly at the appointment. It's quite prominent to touch, so I'm really frustrated I couldn't find it at the time.

    Do you think my worry is at all plausible or should I just shut up and accept what they said?
    Many thanks all. Sorry if this borders on the ridiculous.

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    Re: Is this at all plausible?

    It's not ridiculous, but if you've had an ultrasound it's probably safe to assume you've just got normal breast tissue that feels a bit lumpy.

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    Re: Is this at all plausible?

    Considering they did the ultrasound in the area, means its probably fine. You are not being ridiculous at all, I have had exact same thoughts before myself.

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