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Thread: Twin sister has severe headache?

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    Twin sister has severe headache?

    Hi, its been awhile since Ive posted here and my HA has been a lot better. However, Im currently really concerned about my twin sister; for the past two days shes had a very severe headache, to the point where she cant function. She took ibuprofen and had coffee which helped it a little bit it keeps coming back. Shes also had an extremely stiff neck and her temperature was 99 last night. She NEVER complains about her health symptoms because she knows I worry easily, so the fact that shes complaining so much about her head tells me it must be bad. Of course my mind is jumping to worst case scenarios, like a tumor, aneurysm or meningitis. Does anyone have any words of advice? Am I just being irrational right now or should I be worried?

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    Re: Twin sister has severe headache?

    Self-declared brain tumour expert checking in here.

    No, this would not be consistent with brain tumour.

    However, I would urge you to get your sister seen to ASAP as "stiff neck" + "severe headache" (as severe as you describe) could​ suggest meningitis.

    Keep us posted

    Godo luck
    Healthcare Professional with Health Anxiety

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    Re: Twin sister has severe headache?

    It could also be a stiff neck and a headache. She might have slept funny. I get this a lot.

    Either way, get it checked out. Doesn't sound like it has anything to do with a tumour.

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    Re: Twin sister has severe headache?

    Thank you both for your kind replies. My sister ended up going to urgent care, and they ruled out meningitis and said it may have just been a migraine. Shes feeling much better now!

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    Re: Twin sister has severe headache?

    Fantastic! I was thinking of you both.

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