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    Drunken night out anxiety

    Hi all,

    I am a huge overthinker and generally worried most days about something.

    The other night i went out to the pub with work mates, long story short i didnt really have dinner and ended up getting really drunk.

    I cant really remember what i said or did, but im worried it was bad either way. Iíve asked one colleague who hasnt mentioned anything, and another said i was on good form but ive asked him again and he hasnt replied but read it which is worrying me.

    Please can someone just calm me down because im not in work as have a week off next week and just overwhelmed with anxiety.

    Thanks all

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    Re: Drunken night out anxiety

    I always find that my worries over what people think about me are always manifested by my brain. Don't sweat it buddy, you had fun no doubt. Hangovers can make anxiety sky rocket though. I no longer drink anymore for this reason. If you're worried about these types of situations in the future it might be a good idea to not get so drunk
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    Re: Drunken night out anxiety

    Don’t worry your colleague who didnt reply did so because you asked the same thing twice, not because you did anything embarrassing. He doesnt want to keep discusing how nothing happened, relax you will be fine

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    Re: Drunken night out anxiety

    You and me have the very same story i did this too got very drunk on a works night out to the point of waking up with no memory. Fast forward everyone else was in the same mess as me and the truth is nobody really nows what happened that night. My guess nothing the same as every other night drank talked broken biscuits and went home. But try telling a heavy stresses out mind and one full of already negative thoughts put this together around christmas time and added pressure of going through the break down at a happy time of year i convinced myself i ruined christmas on top of the lot sadly i am almost 12 months into this post normality and it is proving to be a challenge to step away from this terrible new me and i hate it ow how i try to put strings of positivity but i can not seem to get a leg up on life atm and its tuff but i will not give up and i will rise again soon.

    Keep on keeping on.

    Lifes was too easy before and know its a challenge and i except the challenge each day is unwritten lets write a gooden.

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