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    Hello, this is my first post. My mom died in January. Iím 27. Iíve been having more panic attacks since she died... very severe ones. A lot of them are caused by what I am pretty sure are symptoms of griefó horrible short term memory, having trouble forming sentences in conversation, extreme fatigue, constant headaches and neck aches, difficulty doing things like climbing the stairs.

    What I wanted to ask you all about though is I think Iíve been dissociating during my frequent panic attacks. First I get a head rush and intense fear, tightness in chest, shaking limbs, waves of nausea, and then... itís like I canít relate to my body. I feel really tall or like Iím sinking. My limbs are moving but I donít feel connected to them. In my mind I feel like I might be stuck like this forever, I might go crazy. I have a hard time focusing on what people around me are saying, even if they are trying to help me through the panic.
    I donít know what to think. I have health anxiety and was (stupidly) researching brain tumor symptoms a few weeks ago because of the intense pain in my neck, and my head actually feeling like itís falling asleep and parts of it going numb (not associated with the panic attacks). Someone mentioned dissociating with brain tumor symptoms. Maybe thatís where I picked this up from? Itís very scary. I donít take medication. I am afraid of it. My doctors donít take me seriously anymore because of it. I miss my mom and wish I could call her and ask her and she could knock some sense into me as she always did but I canít.

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    Re: Dissociating

    Iím so sorry that you lost your Mum, also at such a young age.
    Grief does horrible things to you. When I lost my Dad, my health anxiety came back in force after several years laying dormant. I closed off for a few months, in that I completely avoided unpleasant things like paying bills! I also got quite a lot of physical symptoms, some of which mimicked his (he died of heart/lung issues), and I got 3 chest infections in a row. I later was diagnosed with gastric problems which Iím still convinced is to do with my anxiety during grief.

    So, I think what my ramblings are trying to say is that grief is awful. When you read about what to expect, they rarely tell you the physical symptoms. And I do believe that youíre probably experiencing physical symptoms as a part of your anxiety and grief.
    Iím sure that your doctor would love to help you with your grief and anxiety, but the brain cancer is not really there.
    As someone who is old enough to be your Mum, Iíll say that Disassociation is part of anxiety and thatís what youíre experiencing.

    You are going through something very traumatic, so donít beat yourself up about it, instead seek help from your friends and loved ones and doctor to help you overcome the anxiety and grief. Xx

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    Re: Dissociating

    Be kind to yourself? Grief does strange things to people. Oh, and if your doctors aren't taking you seriously at such a rough time in your life it may be time to think about finding a different healthcare team.

    Anxiety can do all the things you've mentioned - I've had all the symptoms you describe under far less trying circumstances. It might also be worth seeing if there are any bereavement support agencies you can contact.

    Sending all good wishes your way.

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    Re: Dissociating


    This is just a courtesy reply to let you know that your post was moved from its original place to a sub-forum that is more relevant to your problem.

    This is nothing personal - it just enables us to keep posts about the same problems in the relevant forums so other members with any experience with the issues can find them more easily.
    Emmz xx

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