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Thread: My new baby (crow)

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    Re: My new baby (crow)

    Well spotted Carys! She is greyish underneath- she is actually a hooded crow...
    And as for flying she has been thinking about it for a while - scrutinising distances and trying to pluck up courage. She has taken some downward flights - or controlled falls!! - off tall things to the floor; but today was the first upward flight (to my head!!). I have no idea if this means she will leave home soon.... I will be sad when she does :-(

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    Re: My new baby (crow)

    Do you know, I didn't like to jump to a conclusion that she wasn't a pure black carrion obviously you don't tend to see them this young...but her beak looked such a different colour too. A hooded crow! We don't see many , if any of those round our way !

    Do you think she will leave home though, or just hang around ? The thing is, our resident breeding garden pair had 4 babies last year, they all stayed with them right through to nest building this year. I've heard that sometimes some juveniles stay on to help with the new babies from the following year.

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    Re: My new baby (crow)

    Ahh this is so lovely! She’s a real beauty

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