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Thread: Venlafaxine and Pregabalin

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    Venlafaxine and Pregabalin

    Is anyone else on this mixture? I've read lots of positive things about the combination. I have been on Ven for over 10 years, until recently on a low 75mg maintenance dose, but have had some recent breakthrough anxiety an panic, so this was upped to 150mg about a month ago. I have also started Pregabalin 100mg daily and am on day 5. I think the intention is to move me up to the therapeutic dose for GAD which is 400-600mg. It's very hard to tell so far if it's having any effect. I have had a couple of side effects - dry mouth, headaches - but the headaches at least went after a couple of days.

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    Re: Venlafaxine and Pregabalin

    I am on 75 for a month how long does it take to kick in

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    Re: Venlafaxine and Pregabalin

    Should be feeling it soon, max two weeks more probably. If nothing maybe you need to chat to doctor about going up to 150mg.

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    Re: Venlafaxine and Pregabalin

    Just a quick update on Ven day 3 of 75mg. I feel great! A little bit of heartburn during the day and woke up a few times during the night but generally feeling really well with no anxiety at all! Long may it continue��

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    Re: Venlafaxine and Pregabalin

    Great news Lilisa! Are you on Pregabalin also?

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