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    Unhappy Disorientation/Disassociation?

    Does anyone get completely disoriented for a few seconds? Last night, I was out to dinner with a friend and went to the bathroom and when I got to the bathroom I totally forgot where I was and what I was doing. I was so disoriented and confused and then snapped out of it.

    Does anyone else get this? It REALLY freaked me out and now I think I have Alzheimers/MS or that my brain isn't functioning correctly.


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    Re: Disorientation/Disassociation?


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    Re: Disorientation/Disassociation?

    Sounds like a brain fart to me *parp*

    Very common with anxiety and nothing sinister.

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    Re: Disorientation/Disassociation?

    Yes, plenty of times. I've had plenty of brain fog in the earlier stages of my anxiety recovery and it would make me feel a bit like this.

    Being fatigued does this to people anyway so as KK says it's nothing to worry about as it's very common in anxiety. Being exhausted in general can bring things like this but for the non anxious too. If you have been experiencing higher rates of panic/anxiety then these types of symptoms may be more frequent as the brain is going to be fighting to retain balance in it's chemicals as perhaps is trying to give us a break from relentless anxiety?
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    Re: Disorientation/Disassociation?

    This was really helpful! Thank you!

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    Re: Disorientation/Disassociation?

    This happens to me way too often; as others have said, I don't think the exhaustion helps at all.

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