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Thread: Tramadol for anxiety relief

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    Re: Tramadol for anxiety relief

    Good riddance to him!

    If people think we get paid to be here giving advice and telling posters exactly what they want to hear, an internet forum is not the right place for them

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    Re: Tramadol for anxiety relief

    Quote Originally Posted by Aho View Post
    I thought I'd revive this thread just as s prime example of what makes this forum so bad. It's a shame because it's very nicely and detailed laid out making navigation very easy.

    My low opinion comes from the way new topics are replied to. When a person is clearly wanting help and support, they are not after half baked opinions of the medications they are on. Comfort and empathy is what it is all about, not a competition as to who can outdo the other with their pseudo amateur psychiatry skills or lack of such.

    Phrases such as "I'm sorry to hear that ...." and "from my personal experience..." will never go amiss. Distressed persons need to know they are not alone.

    If any moderator is reading please delete my account, but it doesn't really matter because I'll log off anyway and remove from favourites.

    Au revoir!
    Let us hope it's "adieu" and not "au revoir" then. I'm sorry to hear that you are advocating tramadol for anxiety relief, Ajo. From my personal experience opioids aren't helpful.

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    Re: Tramadol for anxiety relief

    This person complains everyone is "anti" for the same reasons they thanked RadioGaGa for his more detailed reply. Lots of people on here have been dependent on benzos and received nothing but support all the way. They had plenty of sympathy unlike the OP's opinions that doesn't happen here. Why even ask for lay opinions if you don't value them, just to argue their psychiatrist is the qualified one and should be listened to instead begging the question why even bother asking?

    More than likely a returning member under a different name or friend of someone who left after causing problems. Negative preconceptions, looked to pick a fight immediately, false accusations, etc.
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    Re: Tramadol for anxiety relief

    account now closed.

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