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Thread: jumpy stomach - tomatoes or anxiety?

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    jumpy stomach - tomatoes or anxiety?

    I have pretty severe emetophobia and so ANY weird sensation in my upper stomach and I freak , my heart will probably go 10x faster than I even realise and I begin chewing my nails and hyperventilating. Amazingly, I havent had a feeling sick moment in a good month, it was onstage as Im a singer and my anxiety plays a HUGE HORRIBLE part in it haha..unfortunately I was blessed with very attentive motor neurones and it truly gets into my guts and my stomach ends up a MESS. I fight the battle every performance as I know what I feel is passion and fire and my brain gets a little confused ...
    But anyway, my upper stomach has been amazing lately as Ive been very calm and content but this weekend it was my birthday and though I had fun, the social context was pretty out there for me as I hosted a 3-day celebration as it was my best friends birthday too and we went to restaurants, clubs and more or less stayed in a huge group. The next day I had a little arguement with a friend (we were so tired and a little hungover and hormonal haha so this was why) and during the confrontation my stomach turned a little and I could feel the anxiety in my tummy. We resolved it quite soon after but I couldnt eat without feeling gaggy. I woke up today and have managed to eat lots and feel ok but i made some spicy mexican soup with quite alot of chilli powder (I can usually deal ok with this except for a touch of heartburn after) but about 3 hours after I ate I felt...jumpy in my stomach. I freaked a little as I felt the anxiety stirring and then felt like I needed to use the bathroom (I havent been since saturday so in a way I wasnt too scared) but I havent been thus far. I dont have any acid reflux but my stomach just feels weird...and when I observe it my heart starts racing. Anyone else?

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    Re: jumpy stomach - tomatoes or anxiety?

    Ahhha, I've just answered your other thread about antibiotics and not taking them. It now makes more sense I see that you are emetophobic! I am presuming that as this was days ago, you were fine after the perceived 'odd feelings' after eating ?

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