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Thread: Social skills

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    Social skills

    Anyone has any tips on how to improve social skills? Having experienced social anxiety myself to a certain degree, I feel Iím not good at socialising, which others seem to do so naturally.

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    Re: Social skills

    Sometimes, having to learn these skills the hard way can be useful - I had to make a conscious effort to learn social skills, but these days my (extrovert) boss refuses to believe I've ever been socially awkward.

    The best I can offer is to be interested in people. Find out what they care about (their pets/kids/hobbies) and take time to ask about these when you see them. Remember, people love to talk about themselves, plus if you make it all about them you won't be focussing so much on what you're doing or not doing.

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    Re: Social skills

    Thank you BlueIris.

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    Re: Social skills

    I agree with BlueIris, great advice!
    Also remember that even the most socially skilled have awkward interactions sometimes
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