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Thread: Blood In Stool (Colon / Bowel Cancer REASSURANCE Thread)

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    Lightbulb Blood In Stool (Colon / Bowel Cancer REASSURANCE Thread)

    Over the past few days I've looked through hundreds of posts on the forum that related to blood in stool, and found accounts from people who said that they experienced blood in their stools and they later discovered that it WASN'T cancer that caused it.

    I've been experiencing on and off blood for quite a while now so this is to reassure myself and I thought others could benefit too.

    Hey I hav a friend...who;s husband has been having rectum bleeding most of the times when he passes motion! Its been almost 5 years constanty...she has been nagging him to go..but hes not bothered about it at all. He said it was just hemarroids..and nothing to worry about. So dont worry...blood from anywhere doesnt mean bad news!!
    I had and still have quite abit blood on the stool and toilet paper not all the time. Had a colonoscopy done at begining of August and got the all clear i was sure like yourself that it was going to be something terrible. Still looking into why i have blood but if i can reassure you that its always alot of outcomes and its so slim chance that its anything bad like that
    I have a similar problem. I've been noticing streaks or little patches of blood on my stool and on the toilet paper for some time now. I did a colonoscopy last month and was given the all clear. However, he found some internal haemorrhoids, presumably that's the cause of my bleeding, and did a rubber band ligation.

    I've had these test done I think you will be having a colonoscopy I had this due to bleeding and constant goin to the toilet. I like you was so scared but it turned out the bleed was caused by a poylp and I have diverticular disease which I just take daily fibre for.
    My mum had rectal bleeding for many years - which she ignored (I don’t get my health anxiety from her!!!) - and an eventual colonoscopy revealed a benign polyp.
    I became anaemic from bleeding from hems. My brother actually collapsed and needed a blood transfusion due to bleeding hems. Both of us had ops to deal with the problem. Before the ops we both had colonoscopy. He just assumed it was his piles causing the anaemia but I of course had diagnosed myself with advanced BC. My colonoscopy was clear of course! I'm glad I had the colonoscopy as that's one fear I can put to bed for a few years
    I thought that my loss of weight,bloody diarreah, abdominal pain etc was definately bowel cancer, even my Dr thought it could be and told me so,Thank God it wasn't, it was UC caused by food poisoning from dodgy burger,
    I went through similar 5 years ago. I was on the toilet 20 times a day, everything I ate went through me, I lost half a stone in a weekend, passing blood, pain etc.8 months later, I had a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with Crohn's disease.
    I've been bleeding and have mucus on and off for years (Im 29) and I'm fine.
    I had bleeding too- turned out to be a fissure I didn't even know I had.
    I had bleeding from my bottom just the once but it was enough to FREAK ME OUT went to the docs and couldnt find any hemmeroids and said i should go for a camera up my bum thingy,well that was it for me i had bowel cancer spent the next to weeks googleing and worrying and depressed everytime i went to the loo i had panic attacks could never see anything i was even tempted on pulling it apart to see YUK i know but i never didThe day came the nurse flushed me out im not ashamed but i was in a state of tears the nurse was great i pulled myself togeather and the doctor was very gentle lol,it was all clear
    I mentioned it to the doctor and she said wait and see if it happens again and if so come back and see her. Since then every now and again I do have blood on the toilet paper after going for a bowel movement. At the weekend I went to the toilet and was slightley constapated. On first wipe there was a lot of blood on the toilet roll, looked like bright red some a little darker but like when you have a nose bleed and the blood soaks into the tissue. For two days after every time I went for a bowel movement the pain was really bad like there was a cut or something there and again some blood on wiping but much less than the first time. I went to the doctor on Monday and she had a quick look (she was in a hurry) and said it's probably a fissure or pile inside and has given me cream. I have used it a couple of times but have not been for a stool yet so not sure it has worked.
    I have had a little dark blood before, and its just old blood from where you are constipated and its probably where you have bled the last time you went to the toilet and then not been to the toilet for a few days.
    I have always had changeable bowels and average 2 to often much more a day and never worried about it. I have also had blood for years - which has been a worry but feel fairly sure its a fissure.
    hey... this happened to me recently (the blood in the toilet) and it scared the s**t out of me. (no pun intended.) i completely freaked out and called my mom. she told me this happens to her all the time and she's seen the doctor for it and was told it is piles and/or fissures... no big deal. she did tell me though, if i was worried, to go to the doctor. so, if you're worried, go to the doctor. they will check you out, give you some cream and send you on your way. i'm sure your fine! by the way, i was even so freaked out when it happened to me that i phoned my dad at worked and asked him if he'd ever experienced such a thing... he has and my brother and sister have too. i don't think it's uncommon, but you should still pop in to the doctor for a look-see and some reassurance.
    I am worried about bowel cancer because I have had blood in my stool for about 6 years, but the doctors aren't even worried about that, so you'll be just fine.
    When I had lots of blood, it turned out to be colitis. Not much fun, but better than bowel cancer!
    i have just been through ultrasound for right sided pain i have ibs constip and sometimes blood on wiping BUT i am 54 years old and they said ultrasound shows nothing to worry about i was convinced cancer would show straight away but it didnt health anxiety messes with your head
    I've had blood once, many a year back after a bout of constipation and a tear so I've seen it before. I knew I'd done some damage down there as I had a new pain I'd never experienced and I could barely sit down for a while afterwards!
    I had something very similar about a year ago.I had bright red blood every time i went to the loo for nearly a week.Sounds gross but it there was so much it turned the toilet water bright http://red.It totally freaked me out(my dad died of bowel cancer)I worried non-stop for months until it happened again.With my partners help i eventually plucked up the courage to go to see the doctor.When i got there i was convinced that i had http://cancer.My doctor was brilliant tho,gave me lots of reassurance and gave me an internal check.Low and behold after months of worrying,it turned out i had internal piles!
    Whilst I was doing this I even noticed blood on more than one occasion and really freaked out and convinced my self I was dying. Your so young and the more you think your self into "i feel i have cancer" your going to give yourself more anxiety affects to your body. Next time you notice sometng wrong with your stool think about it rationally , do not jump the gun and presume the worst. I know from experiance that this is easier said than done, but I am sure you are fine!
    If it makes you feel better a few years ago I had IBS so bad I had the following symptoms.Diarrohea after every meal (no normal bowel movements)Going to the toilet at least 3 times a day sometimes morePain in stomach, pain in bum, pain in back.Passing mucus with bowel movementsFeeling sickLoss of appetiteBleeding of bright red blood sometimes.And all of that was down to IBS and Piles!I had a sigmoidoscopy and saw a specialist at the hospital and that was their diagnosis and surprisingly enough once they told me that, everything calmed down in a matter of days.
    Why does everyone think that loose stools and a bit of blood = cancer?I can tell you, I had diaorhhea 20 times a day and more than little blood and it never crossed my mind it was bowel cancer.
    I've had lots of mucus and the "need to go" poos. Also had blood occasionally.... Once in the bowl as well. Been checked and all OK.
    It started about a year ago, I noticed bloody mucus in my stool. Had lots of mucus for a long time. Go in concerned but sent me for a sigmoidoscopy at my insistance! All clear except a 2mm polyp that was removed.
    I have crohns disease and i dont get diarrahea. I was the same as you, blood in stool, mucas but I mad a mass on my right side that was palpable. I lost 18lbs and was convinced I had cancer.
    3 years ago (I was 32) I had the exact bloody mucus that you described - to a tee!Also had left side discomfort from ribs to groin.I saw a specialist who saw how anxious I was and had me in for a colonoscopy 3 days later (while the symptoms were still there)It turns out I have diverticulosis (at the time of diagnosis I had an active infection - so diverticulitis)
    Well last week my stools became yellow in color as well as having dark red sticky blood mixed in with the stool (I understand this is a big red flag) as well as mucous. Although not as constipated as before.I went to A&E as I was so freaked out and my GP closed early that day. Dr did an internal and said that it seems like I have internal piles and gave me some Anusol
    Just went to the Dr had some bright red blood on my stool, stool in every color. But he said I am fine hemorrhoids.
    I have had blood on my stool before when I'm constipated and my doctor said that's from anal fissures. Little tears. My kids get that too. You can also have internal hemorrhoids that won't hurt but will bleed. My doctor said that bright red blood on the outside of the stool is usually an external tear or a hemorrhoid. She said if it's internal (like with crohn's, or something scarier) that the entire stool would be tainted red or would be black.
    Hello I am 20 this year , months ago I had blood on my stools when I wipe So I went to check with the doctor. And she told me I have internal piles which was prolapsed. So she gave me a medicine to shrink it. But as I know it didn’t really went away.So I had on and off blood on surface of my stools. But I know it’s just piles
    Back in October, I strained when going to the toilet and noticed the end of the stool (which was quite small and hard) had bright red blood on it. At first it looked like it was part of the stool, but I wonder if I’d experienced a tear as I felt a sharp pain when going. I put it to the back of my mind, but a couple of months ago, I noticed a small amount of red blood on the toilet paper and also streaked on the stool a couple of times. The stools on each occasion were hard, on the large side and were difficult to pass...sorry tmi I’d always experienced small amounts of bleeding, even going back to my teenage years but this always coincided with straining/hard larger stools so I was never surprised to see this
    i got worried once when i went toilet for a number two then looked down and there was just blood there because i remember my ex work mate if that happens go straight to my docter because thats the MAIN sign then went docters and it was just hermeroids.
    I'm totally petrified and have been to the doctors 3x in 3 weeks with back pain stomach pain and I found a little blood in the toilet which was diagnosed as a pile!
    I had constant wind, stomach pains, passing blood, bloating, abdominal pain and weight loss. Going from a guy that was carefree, fun loving to being a wreck that couldn't function or sleep through fear and worry. I had a colonoscopy and endo and all clear.
    I then saw blood on the surface ofMy stool which my doctor assured was a haemorrhoid as bowel cancer blood is usually mixed in. I demanded a colonoscopy
    I get blood sometimes and I don't have cancer but I do have diverticular.
    I developed a yeast infection and anal fissure after my antibiotic course. This caused little blood here and there sometimes when I would wipe. The fissures haven't healed completely yet.
    I have seen blood in my stool but I've been to specialist and he said it was my hemorrhoid
    I had this very same fear, mine was much like yours and it went on for about 6 months. What really freaked me out is I had blood in my stool... a red flag sign of colon cancer! Which from what I have read you have not experienced! GOOD NEWS! I did not have colon cancer even with this "red flag sign." Instead I had colitis
    I had shooting pains in the rectum (classic bad signs according to the book!) I had horrendous stomach cramps. I was seeing blood in the stools. I had pains going down my legs. I was in a bad way.I was about 22/23 then. I am now 38 & fine!
    I brought up the hemorrhoids issue that I do every year and explained that every now and again there is bright red blood in the bowl. Every year the doctor says it's hemmoroids. I've had this issue for like 7 years. I don't have any other symptoms.
    I'm honestly feeling the same fears you have. I have had bloody stools, some blood when wiping, mucus discharge, constipation, and occasional diarrhea. I've also lost weight (208-167)... but I've been on a diet so it was intended.You know what my doctor said it sounded like? Either IBS or Ulcerative Colitis.
    I'm a 22-year-old woman, I've had the same sympthoms as you. IBS, heartburn, bloating, abdominal cramps, loose stools, the works. Then I started passing a LOT of blood about two months ago, my doctor sent me for a flexible sigmoidoscopy (which is like a mini colonoscopy I think). I was panicking big time, but the procedure was nowhere near as bad as I thought. The doctor took some biopsies, and I have to go back for my results in a couple of weeks, but he told me at the time that it's definitely not anything sinister.
    After weeks of pains i remembered this mass and decided to check my poo (gross, i know) but its full of blood clots on the inside of the poo and black bits on the outside.


    Yes I had all the tests and am cancer free!! Woohoo!!! I even had my biopsy results yesterday and there was no malignancy throughout the bowel. Its did show up the ulcerations and inflamation but hey i thought my days were being limited so this is fab news.
    i get bright red blood so does hubby! its piles x
    I also suffer from a change in bowel habits and blood on toilet paper! (Bright Red) - I also 'see' blood in stool sometimes - However this could be some foods - as there are a few that mimic blood!
    In 2013 I started to notice some blood streaks on my stools. This sent me into a major panic and I was 100% convinced I had colon cancer. I put it off for over a year due to fear. In early 2014 I saw a gastro who suggested colonoscopy. It took me a while but I'm late April 2014 I finally had the colonoscopy. The cope found a small polyp in my sigmoid colon. The rest of the scope was normal.
    I too have IBS and I often get blood in the toliet. It freaks me out but my doctor told me it's hemerhoids as well. The more you go the more likely you will be to tear and see bleeding.
    Since I was 18 (I am 30 now) I have had stomach problems. They began with always having runny/loose stools when I ate out to the point I would not eat at restaurants for fear of explosion. Also at that time there was bright red blood in my stools. Being young, I ignored this. The bloody stools lasted maybe 6 months, maybe a little more, but eventually went away and have never returned. But the loose stools, urgency, frequency continued until present day. It was simply something I accepted about myself. Never went to a doctor for this reason, just learned to cope. Always worried about bowel movements.
    I have had sever constipation for a few years now-off and on in severity. I have gone through a very bad patch in the last while and have had bright red blood on the paper and at times at the sides of the stool (TMI!!) for many many months.

    First let me start by saying for the last year i had self Diagnosed myself with stage 3 or 4 Colon Cancer, I had according to Dr. Google ALL of the classic Symptoms.Change in bowel habitsMucus starting in small jelly fish all the way up to long stringsFlat, Ribbon, Twisted, Pellets, Low volume, High volume, Oval, "S"Shaped, DiarrheaBlood, Pink and Redlost 10lbsAcid ReluxLower right quadrant abdominal pain above the hip bone.

    Today i had my Colonoscopy and it was all clear. no hemorrhoid, No Masses, No Polyps..Diagnoses?Mild Gastritis.

    The pain iis speratic and I noticed blood mixed into my stool, the blood almost looked clotted. My bowels have never been normal I've always have had constipation to diarrhea big stools/thin stools ect... and I never feel empty. And that's been going on 10-15 years. They checked my for hemroids a couple years back and always blamed the blood on stool from that

    I suffered with this fear for 6 months, that is how long it took to get a colonscopy - which is the best way to calm this fear!I had blood in my stools, diarrhoea and constitipation. It ended up being colitis, caused by anxiety - as I irritated my colon somehow - by stressing...

    had blood in stool and iron deficiency plus loose stools but I was fine, did not even have a polyp. I'm sure you're experiencing IBS and anxiety, nothing else

    I had severe abdominal pain which made me double over, nothing but mucus and blood in my stool, violent diarrhea, i lost so much weight it was ridiculous and severely fatigued all the time. It turned out I had ulcerative colitis

    I to just went through similar circumstances on a lump I could see but blood in my stool etc for years to scared to get checked finally did and it was what she called a juvenile polyp and it was removed so I should be good

    I had a colonoscopy in June 2007 as I had some issues with blood on my stools...The doctor said I had a clear colon but thought I had a tear that had healed before the procedure.....I was so happy until about 2 months ago...I started getting the occassional constipation and about a week ago it really hurt as I pushed and I noticed a streak of blood on the stool and two drops on the TP

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I had excessive gas, red blood with BM twice in one day and flat / thin / low-caliber stool and I just got back from a colonoscopy that didn't show so much as a polyp

    A couple of years ago I went to the bathroom and there was blood. I went to the doctor she did a scope and said it was hemmoroids

    I'm totally petrified and have been to the doctors 3x in 3 weeks with back pain stomach pain and I found a little blood in the toilet which was diagnosed as a pile

    On Monday when I wiped after a bowel movement I noticed a streak of blood. I didn't think much of it as I get that sometimes. The next day there was a LOT of blood, much more than I have had before.I took myself to the doctor who did a digital exam and put some kind of scope inside and said I had a haemorrhoid

    I had stools marbled with blood. It was colitis.

    I have had bleeding with bowel movements and I am not kidding there was a lot of blood come out!

    2 years ago I was terrified that I also had it as I had dark red blood and mucus pouring from me, loose motions, I lost so much weight it just had to be that, didnt it.No it turned out to be UC brought on by food poisoning, it lasted 8 weeks and it was diagnosed by a sigmoidoscopy, at no time did I have bright red blood which I have had in the past and recently (piles) I have had a couple of flares since and a FOB test that came back positive and that did worry me a bit to say the least.

    Late last year I started seeing a little bit of blood when wiping after a bowel movement and also some in the bowl. Obviously I was hysterical (if you look at my posts from that time, you'll see how terrified I was) and went to the doctors for an emergency appointment- the doc examined me and found a fissure. The doctor also sent me for a precautionary blood test which found I was a bit anaemic. I put two and two together and came to the conclusion that I definitely had bowel cancer.

    They later found out they didn't have cancer ^

    I sometimes see blood if my stool is hard but I have hemorrhoids.

    I don't get on here often and I am also 32 and went thru this scare myself recently. My grandmaw died of cancer which they think started in her colon so I was even more scared. I was 99% sure I had it when I started to see a GI doctor. I had gas, rumbling. Blood and thin stools with crazy constipation I never had before. So I go to see the gi Doctor he dies recital exam then request I get colonscopy. And he said to rule out things like Crohn's and ulcer colitis. I then asked about colon cancer told him I was very worried I had it. Even cried some during this dr appointment. He said my olds are slim. 1-100,000. And that's it's possible but rare. He even said out of 30 years he's been doing it he's only seen 2 people my age or younger with it. One was 32 other was 26. And this is a doctor that stays booked up and been doing it 30 years. Please get this out of your head I let it run over me for months. If it requires you getting the colonscopy then get it. Mine came back fine just minor inflammation in rectum and minor hemmoroids. But had two rectal exams before and neither could feel the hemmoroids.

    However, i have been suffering from very loose stools, when they are times they are covered in blood or blood is visible on the tissue. This only happens a few times a year. I have been suffering for 3 or more years now.

    For about a year I have had blood when I wipe and burning pain. I did check in a mirror and I have a large tear on the rectum. I went to the dr and he said it was a fissure

    My friend had similar to you and it turned out to be a polyp

    I have had all the symptoms you describe including bleeding from the bowel and severe pain. Had a colonoscopy and it turned out to be diverticular disease which is evidently quite common.

    I had the same and after making myself ill because of fear of what I totally assumed it turned out to be Hpilory and internal piles. All I can say is no point suffering before hand xxx

    I've had one too without being sedated, it was uncomfortable but not painful....

    Not a nice expeirence but it was ok, put my mind at rest when I was passing blood.

    I had a colonoscopy about 10 months ago and it came back clear, very slight diverticulitis but nothing more.

    I've had some constipation this week and when I went to the toilet (sorry TMI) there was a very small clot of blood and tiny bit of mucus.

    I underwent my first colonoscopy in January, I was scared too, because although I'm only 22, I had a massive rectal bleeding and doctors were concerned because I didn't have hemmoroids. The prep is the worst of it all. You'll need to drink water mixed with a disgusting laxative which makes you spend a lot of time on the toilet. The procedure was a piece of cake, I just laid down, the nurse injected me with anesthesia and it felt like someone turned the off switch for me. When I woke up about 20 minutes later, I felt nothing but dizziness. No pain or anything. It'll probably be the case for you too!

    i had diarrhea, bleeding and pain which is why I had mine, and I was diagnosed with IBS.

    For a few years I have had blood with bowel movements. Last June, I went for a flexible sigmoidoscopy where they diagnosed hemorrhoids (piles)

    I had a colonoscopy, and the doctor said internal hemmeroids and a little diverticulitis.

    So as well as dealing with my own ridiculous health worries, I am now totally stressing out about my mum :( She had her routine bowel screening (she is 70) and there was blood in her stool. It was bright red, which I know is not so worrisome. They referred her urgently to the consultant. Meanwhile she had the results of the repeat bowel screening and it came back all clear. However they are still sending her for a colonoscopy on Friday. If they really were not worried then I know they would not do this, so I am super freaking out about this. I rely on my mum so much even now, and I can't bear the thought of her not being around any more. Now she is getting older I know that one day I will have to face up to this. I just don't want it to be yet.


    I'm pleased to say my mum got the all clear on the colonoscopy. I'm so relieved.

    my Dad has had to have 2 colonoscopies due to positive FOB tests. He has been diagnosed with a large internal haemmeroid (which was the cause of the blood), a small benign polys (which was removed and biopsied) and diverticulosis or pockets in the bowel which are apparently common when you get older. He's 66 and despite my worries about his health, his bowel is ok!

    Just had a colonoscopy this morning after dealing with bowel problems for months and two incidents of rectal bleeding. The doctor came in during recovery, and I was not really "aware" enough to ask questions. Findings were internal hemorrhoids (I assume this is where the bleeding came from) and two polyps which were removed.

    I spoke to my cousin who knows 2 people with bad piles and lots of blood. Both had colonoscopies and both are clean, only piles.
    4 years of symptoms (irregular stools,blood, mucus, thin stools and whatnot.) Just had a colonoscopy. They found one 2-3 mm polyp they removed.
    I had a very similar problem had bloody stools for months . At first i thought it was just a fissure or some roids. After a while i started displaying symptoms of IBS , with blood added. I got 2 rectal exams had an appointment for a specialist, but then i started to not think about it , and i started increasing cetrtain supplements and it went away. I was convinced i had Ulcerative colitis , because it was sometimes thick coagulated blood , and sometimes maroon colored. These are classic symptoms of Ulcerative colitis, but now i have no such symptoms. I recommend making some dietary changes and taking proper supplementation , also a probiotic can help quite a bit. Acidiofilus and bifidus is a good choice ... yogurt only has friendly bacteria that sticks around for a minimal amount of time . Acidofilus can repopulate your intestine. Also take vitamin c ... 5 grams a day atleast.

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    Re: Blood In Stool (Colon / Bowel Cancer REASSURANCE Thread)

    Best reassurance you can get. Hopefully it will make an impression.

    Positive thoughts
    "Eat. Drink. Enjoy the work you do. Be thankful for the blessings God gives you in this life. Live, love and seek out the things that bring your heart joy. The rest is meaningless... Like chasing the wind." King Solomon

    The best help is the help you give yourself!

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    Re: Blood In Stool (Colon / Bowel Cancer REASSURANCE Thread)

    Thanks for putting them all together

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    Re: Blood In Stool (Colon / Bowel Cancer REASSURANCE Thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by glittery View Post
    Thanks for putting them all together
    No problem. It makes me hopeful reading through them that if it wasn't cancer for them, then it might not be cancer for me either

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    Re: Blood In Stool (Colon / Bowel Cancer REASSURANCE Thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by Fishmanpa View Post
    Best reassurance you can get. Hopefully it will make an impression.

    Positive thoughts
    I'm gonna use it as a substitute for Googling. Why read all the bad stories when there are positive stories out there?

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    Re: Blood In Stool (Colon / Bowel Cancer REASSURANCE Thread)

    Good thread, Toby.

    In the past people have posted worrying if the lack of follow up means a person did end up with something. Here we have a long list of people who actually did post follow ups showing how skewed their thoughts were and that they were fine.
    For free Mindfulness resources, please see this thread I have created to compile many sources together

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    Re: Blood In Stool (Colon / Bowel Cancer REASSURANCE Thread)

    You can add me to the list. 4 years of symptoms (irregular stools,blood, mucus, thin stools and whatnot.) Just had a colonoscopy. They found one 2-3 mm polyp they removed. That's it.

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    Re: Blood In Stool (Colon / Bowel Cancer REASSURANCE Thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by ZanVaelius View Post
    You can add me to the list. 4 years of symptoms (irregular stools,blood, mucus, thin stools and whatnot.) Just had a colonoscopy. They found one 2-3 mm polyp they removed. That's it.
    That's great news, I'll definitely add it

    Where was the blood? On the paper, stools, mixed in? etc

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    Re: Blood In Stool (Colon / Bowel Cancer REASSURANCE Thread)

    Mostly on Toilet Paper. Sometimes there was some on stool.

    Wysłane z mojego SLA-L22 przy użyciu Tapatalka

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    Re: Blood In Stool (Colon / Bowel Cancer REASSURANCE Thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by ZanVaelius View Post
    Mostly on Toilet Paper. Sometimes there was some on stool.

    Wysłane z mojego SLA-L22 przy użyciu Tapatalka
    Was the polyp low down?

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