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Thread: Side effects resurfacing after changing drug manufacturer

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    Side effects resurfacing after changing drug manufacturer

    Hi all,

    I have been on Flux 20mg for around 10 months and have been doing well. I recently got my new prescription and noticed the meds were manufacturered by a different company. I thought nothing of it, but since then I have begun to experience similar side effects to when I first started taking the flux. For example, headaches, eye/face pain and eye twitching.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Or even a random resurfacing of side effects?


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    Re: Side effects resurfacing after changing drug manufacturer

    Hiyer Helen,

    Many people, pharmacists and doctors will tell you that 'its exactly the same'. However there are subtle differences in some non-active ingredients I believe, and I think they can make a difference to people - I've experienced this myself with venlafaxine and tamoxifen, and others who are users have agreed they have felt differences. I don't know anything about your medication, but I will say that you can specify the exact make to your pharmacist (your usual one) and even take back the ones you have and ask for them to be changed to your usual brand. I've done this myself with venlafaxine many years ago, as one brand gave me indigestion.

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