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Thread: Worried about possible blood

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    Worried about possible blood

    Hey guys so I went poo yesterday and noticed some reddish streak in it and freaked out. It couldíve been darker brown with some red it wasnít like crazy I literally had to pull a flashlight out to see it 😬 anyways this morning I noticed another streak thatís like colored. Same thing had to use a light. My stomach hurts like gassy and Iíve been a little more bloated than usual. Iíve been doing no dairy or gluten for a few weeks and then this past weekend I had donuts and Taco Bell and fell off the wagon because we were traveling. Iím in a spiral. Canít stop thinking about colon c what ifís 😭

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    Re: Worried about possible blood

    We've got half a dozen threads about this on here at the moment, and quite a lot more people who get occasional blood streaks and think nothing of it - myself included. The chances of you having colon cancer are slim to nonexistent - it could be any number of perfectly innocent things.

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