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Thread: New to Propranolol

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    New to Propranolol


    i have not previously suffered with anxiety. However my 15 year old daughter passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in April. Obviously we are beyond devastated.

    As a family we were all doing Ďokí emotionally but some three and a half weeks after her passing I took ill in the night. With hindsight the feelings had been brewing over a few days.

    We called an ambulance at 3am. I thought I was having serious heart problems. I had an ECG at home but did not feel reassured. The ambulance took me to A&E where my heart was checked again by another ECG and also blood tests. So anxiety was my diagnosis.

    Eight hours after admission I felt as bad as when I had arrived and so the consultant gave me low dose diazepam to get me home but advised a trip to GP to review.

    GP has prescribed Propranolol 10mg three tines a day. It is definitely helping me stay calm although I can feel when the effect is starting to wear off with the return of mild chest ache and slight shortness of breath.

    I am currently about to complete my second full day of taking the three tablets a day (I took 2 tablets on Tuesday) and am struggling with a total lack of energy. I do have low blood pressure normally (but still in the normal range) and so I am wondering if this feeling will pass? How long should I give it for things to settle down?

    i know I have been through such a lot this past month but am so frustrated as I felt I was coping pretty well until this horrid anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks......

    Any advice re my lack of energy would be appreciated.

    Many thanks.

    Ali x

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    Re: New to Propranolol

    I don't have any advice as not tried propranolol, I've recently started citalopram for anxiety disorder. I just wanted to say how sorry I am about the loss of your daughter, I can't even begin to imagine what you must be going through xx

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    Re: New to Propranolol

    Iím sorry to hear what youíve been through, itís no wonder that youíve found yourself in this situation.

    I started propranolol about five weeks ago and did notice that it made me a little tired, but itís been helping more and more if Iím honest.

    Tiredness is also a sign of stress and anxiety so itís also understandable that you would be feeling this way despite the new medication. I had other side effects that lasted roughly a month but over the last week things have been much better. Iím also on the same dose as you. If youíre concerned itís always worth just mentioning it to your doctors.

    Positive vibes,


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    Re: New to Propranolol

    Thank you both.

    Propranolol is definitely easing my anxiety although I am still have some chest ache/pain off and on. I am due to speak to the cardiac nurse on Tuesday as they want to check me over for broken heart syndrome.....

    i am am doing well on the anxiety front unless anyone mentions any type of ailment and then I can literally feel the anxiety rising in me..... plus I am still suffering terribly with energy loss. Had a slightly better day yesterday, managed to do a couple of household chores but today I am wiped out again.....

    I am so frustrated. I am wondering if there is an alternative to Propranolol I could try but am guessing that if it’s job is to calm my heart down, regardless of what tablet I take I am still going to suffer with this lack of energy?

    Thanks again.

    Ali x

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    Re: New to Propranolol

    I use Propranolol but the recommended dose is 1-4 tablets (10mg - 40mg)......I find I need at least six for them to be effective.

    But they *do* work at that dosage.

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