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Thread: Pregabalin with Mirtazapine- advice please

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    Pregabalin with Mirtazapine- advice please

    I was on gabapentin a few months ago as a trial for migraine (200mg for 3 weeks) but i had nerve pain /paresthesia side effects, depression and increased anxiety and stopped it cold turkey- which was a very very bad idea- had rebound insomnia, anxiety, agitation, muscle pain etc I think Im still suffering the effects 2 months afterwards

    Anyhow I was put on Mirtzapine 15mg for the depression/anxiety 15mg at night. Its 4 weeks now and the depression is lifting but anxiety is very bad- mirtazapine seems very stimulating and I think the noradrenalin is increasing the anxiety especially morning still lunchtime.
    I still seem to be suffering windows of gabapentin withdrawal- stinging nerves in my back and legs, but maybe this is mirtazapine side effect
    My psych suggested I add in some pregabalin for the anxiety , initially 25mg in the morning

    Not sure if this is a good idea since I didnt have a good time on gabapentin but maybe adding the pregabalin back in would reduce the withdrawals Im still experiencing?
    I know everyone is different with meds but interested in comments

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    Re: Pregabalin with Mirtazapine- advice please

    The combination is supposed to work well, also known as California rocket fuel. Am on Pregabalin, but with Venlafaxine not Mirtazapine.

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