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Thread: Long-haul flight (and trip!) in 2 months

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    Long-haul flight (and trip!) in 2 months

    In just over 2 months I'll be going on my first ever overseas trip with just my boyfriend to Europe. I am terrified of the flight, which is all up about 24 hours, with a transit in Doha from Sydney. So the first leg is something like 15.5h, and the second is about 5h (the joys of living in Australia...) Although my boyfriend basically has no fears and is one of the calmest people I know, the ONE thing he is scared of too is flying (so not really going to have much reassurance on board with me).

    I am flying Qatar which I know has a great reputation, but I've only ever been on a few planes my whole life and each has caused major panic! I found sitting in the aisle scares me less as I almost 'forget' I'm on the plane and it feels more like a bus since I can't look out the window to the giant plummet below. It's also a night flight, not sure if that's better...

    Does anyone have any tips to try and relax? Not only am I terrified of the plane itself, turbulence, terrorism etc, but I also have health anxiety so am a bit worried about having some sort of health issue on board...I know I need to relax, I'm only 22! But I have migraine auras which are super scary and thankfully every time I have been close to family or easily in contact with them to help me through it. My boyfriend doesn't really understand them and thinks they're just panic attacks which is not going to be very reassuring if it happens on board...or any time during the entire trip (which is over 2 months!) This trip will definitely have a lot of hurdles for me that I've been avoiding - being away from parents (safety blanket) especially for such an extended time, trying new foods and activities, being in an unfamiliar environment for such a long time, and probably most of all dealing with a migraine aura on my own if it happens (because I freak out every time very badly and am convinced it's a stroke).

    Hopefully this trip helps me learn more about the world and that I should focus my energy on exploring and enjoying moments instead of worrying, but I definitely need to get there first, so does anyone have some good tips for overcoming the plane fears and the long trip worries? I am definitely looking forward to a much needed break after a long few years studying and working hard to save for this, after all its a European summer which will be amazing, but I don't want the anxiety to get in the way! I'm trying to convince myself that I will come out of this experience on the other side with a much better way of dealing with my fears, so hopefully that is true.

    Thank you

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    Re: Long-haul flight (and trip!) in 2 months

    Especially worry about DVT aswell since those with migraine with aura are more at risk for stroke/DVT :(

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    Re: Long-haul flight (and trip!) in 2 months

    Take an aspirin before you fly if you're that worried

    Never Surrender, Comrade

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    Re: Long-haul flight (and trip!) in 2 months

    Hi Dimdim,

    I used to be so scared of flying- firstly it was just the idea of getting into a plane. Like in my mind it was like, I can't just leave the plane. Like I could get out of a car, bus etc. Yet I couldn't get out of a plane. Everything scared me, the noise etc. I even stopped going places with my friends and family- now this I regret. Missing out on things. I mentioned this to my therapist and we worked on it. I found for me, learning something on how a plane works helped me out! I understood what those noises were that once scared me. It's all normal. Watching a few videos on YouTube (FlywithCaptianJoe is a good one! He explains how a plane works and his just really comforting.) I'm lucky as well that my boyfriends Dad is a pilot with KML and my best friend is cabin crew with another airline, so I could talk to them alot!

    On the health stuff....Can relate to this too! Like it's all like- what if this happens! Why does my body feel like this. Like my heart would be pounding, feeling sick. I have sinus issues and sometimes it was like someone was squeezing my head....but I brought a nasal spray! Also, the crew a trained to look after you if anything goes wrong (it won't! That's not what I'm saying). So they can take the very best care of you until you get to land! (My boyfriend Dad helped someone have their baby like fifteen years ago mid-air! So there's a little boy named after him out there somewhere!)

    Okay, that's a lot of waffle....but here's some key point I hope will shorten it down.

    1. The fear of getting there should never outtake the joy you will feel when you get there.

    2. There is so many flights a day- when a accident does happen it's nearly overly published in the press. Like how many car crashes or other accident happen a day we never hear about? Air travel is the safest travel!

    3. The crew are there for you, don't be scared to ask them for help if you feel nervous. This is very helpful to me, as I found they always check on you or keep a eye on you.

    4. Bring something small that may bring you comfort on the plane, like something that smell like home or something you can hold in your hands

    5. If you're desperate, you can always ask your doctor for xanna. I used to take this every time I would fly (I went from not flying for four years to flying nearly every month to two months. Thankfully I don't need it anymore but I still get very nervous. You may not even need to take it, sometimes just having something gives you comfort)

    Sorry for rambling so much! I hope you have a wonderful trip x

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    Re: Long-haul flight (and trip!) in 2 months

    Thank you all for the replies, especially LousieAndy, that was so so helpful! Hopefully I can take on some of those techniques and enjoy the whole trip, including the flight

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    Re: Long-haul flight (and trip!) in 2 months

    If you need any more info or questions feel free to private message me x! I have lots of info....I thought knowing EVERYTHING would help me . Anyway I hope you have a lovely trip and keep us all update on your travels

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    Re: Long-haul flight (and trip!) in 2 months

    Hi, this is my first time ever on a forum so not sure what I'm doing exactly. But I too am flying to Europe from NZ and I am terrified - first flight is 17 hours + another 7 hours right after that. And I have constant health anxiety too.

    I'm hoping this site will help me when I am really having issues while in Europe.

    I fly fairly regularly with my family - it's just the super long flight which I am anxious about and being far from my husband and kids. Anyway I do have some tips for you I learned from a fear of flying course...

    - Noise cancelling headphones are so good to dull all the sounds on board.
    - I take a very small amount of Lorazepam for flying and this has been life changing, I was missing out and didn't really travel for 10 years and when I did I was an absolute crying panicking mess at the airport.
    - Download Take Off Today, this has a great relaxation track too
    - Practise breathing techniques about 4 times a day every day
    - On board, try and let go and float, palms up, holding on tight doesn't help, repeat 'loosen & accept' over and over
    - Think of the WOW of it all

    I try to remind myself that people do this all the time and survive.

    Now if I can just take my own advice...

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