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Thread: Cramps after Subway - WHY

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    Cramps after Subway - WHY

    Oh my gosh! Im so angry that I bought myself a sub last night on my walk home... last time I ordered the herb and cheese one I got stomach cramps the next day and my insides were angry..but I thought maybe I was just a little sick but NO!
    I woke up today, same intense cramps and bad gas.. anyone else? I lOVE spicy food but have decided to stick to bland but I couldnt resist a few jalapenos and either the bread or peppers have made my guts mad AGAIN.
    So over IBS .. literally if I could I'd eat flames like a dragon but my tummy says otherwise :( ugh.

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    Re: Cramps after Subway - WHY

    You need to work out what foods are triggering you, and be careful to avoid them. Your theme on here is stomach/food/sickness/indigestion related......and it seems there are certain things that set you off (combined with anxiety causing stomach problems as it changes the acid content from stomach and moves food through more quickly!)

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    Re: Cramps after Subway - WHY

    I have IBS too, Iíve had it long enough to know my triggers and what to expect. I just make sure not to eat my trigger foods when I need to be anywhere or do anything remotely productive the next day or two. It just so happens my gut also hates the foods I love, I just decide if itís worth the pain or not!

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