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Thread: Surprised by panic attack

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    Surprised by panic attack

    Hi everyone,

    I know that a lot of us a probably surprised by these things, but this one came out of months of not having issues.

    Itís not that Iím not having stress, but it had been a while since I had the strong physical symptoms of a panic attack.

    As a background, we moved out of a terrible apartment back in September. In that apartment, there were so many issues including sewage flooding, crime, and finally fleas. The fleas were awful because it took a long time to get rid of them and someone in the building seemed to keep bringing them in. At first, we thought they were bed bugs.

    As we moved into our first house, Iíve been so terrified that the fleas would hide in our stuff and invade. A full blown house invasion would be very difficult to fix. Since then, Iíve beeb so scared to have our house infested.

    Anyway, my husband showed me these three bug bites on his arm this morning. I thought it was strange behavior for a spider or mosquito, so I googled ďthree insect bites in a row.Ē The search didnít return fleas, but it did bring up bed bugs. Not long after that, I suddenly felt like my head was spinning. My ears started ringing and I felt this terrible sense of ďsomething is terribly wrong!Ē

    It seemed to go away after I called my husband into the room.

    Iím just so scared about bed bugs.

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    Re: Surprised by panic attack

    You're getting a bit of a thing about bugs. First thing to do is stop googling. How can the internet diagnose something it can't see?
    can you get a pharmacist to look and see what they say. It's unlikely you have an infested house, that's just your anxiety talking.

    i would say, worse case scenario get a new matress but I fear that would just feed the dragon.
    Take my hand, we'll make it I swear....
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    Re: Surprised by panic attack

    Thank you for replying. At this point, Iím trying not to think about it. If I notice anything else, maybe Iíll put some traps out. Oh boy :(

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    Re: Surprised by panic attack

    If you had an infestation of bed bugs, or fleas, you'd know about. I had fleas from the cat and I was getting bit constantly.

    We share our living space with lots of insects and bugs. It's that time of the year where they all seem to come alive. Don't sweat it. I've got a big spider sat in the corner of my room. He's causing no harm.

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