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Thread: Not the right drug for me?

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    Not the right drug for me?

    I've taken Fluoxetine for a while and it didn't do anything for my anxiety. When I look at what it's used for, it generally says depression, OCD, bulimia etc. I've never actually suffered from any depression, to me I'd say it's generalised anxiety, it's not spurred on by anything happening in my life, I just feel really sick a lot of the time, it happens seemingly out of nowhere, really bad anxiety attacks are mostly spurred on by foods and things like that, or caffeine, but they don't happen often. I guess it's like some kind of chemical imbalance or something. with a constant feeling of breathlessness, but I've never had depression. It seems like Fluoxetine isn't really all that appropriate, when I said a similar thing to a GP, she said there isn't much point in changing it because all SSRI's are basically the same, that sounds kind of stupid doesn't it? what would be the point in there being different kinds?

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    Re: Not the right drug for me?

    I've not taken meds so my knowledge is limited but anxiety is generally treated with anti depressants. It can take several weeks for them to kick in. There's no one size fits all though, some work better for some and others work better for others. I would have another word with your doctor.
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