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Thread: Concerned for 18 yr old son

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    Re: Concerned for 18 yr old son

    Quote Originally Posted by BrokenGirl View Post
    So you don't think it's sweat because that generally wouldn't come out through his underwear and pants, especially when he wasn't even exercising, and it doesn't look likely to be urine either because he's not coming home changing his clothes and the car doesn't smell of it. Now I'm running out of ideas as to what it could be. And I know I didn't imagine it. I definitely saw a patch on the seat and once he got out of the car it started to fade after a few minutes.
    If it fades after a few minutes, are you absolutely sure it's a wet patch then? It could be the car seat material. Have you felt it? Was it wet?

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    Re: Concerned for 18 yr old son

    I would go with sweat too. He had been sitting for an hour in polyester bottoms. Sounds like bum crack sweat to me. Again nothing to worry about.
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    Re: Concerned for 18 yr old son

    I think sweat sounds like the most likely cause. I've had a few embarrassing moments while at my children's school plays where i've stood up after sitting on a plastic chair and noticed a small oval sweat mark on the chair 😳 it usually coincides with me wearing my polyester work trousers. I honestly don't think it's anything to worry about. I completely understand why you don't want to broach the subject with your son, especially if he is quite a private person.

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