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Thread: High dose Mirtazapine

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    High dose Mirtazapine

    Does anyone have experience with doses of Mirtazapine over 45? My doc is suggesting it.

    Iíve been on it for 5 years and am currently on. 45. Been there for 3 years. Iíve been massively freaking out lately and itís giving me bad stomach issues. Man I hate feeling like this!

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    Re: High dose Mirtazapine


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    Re: High dose Mirtazapine

    I've only ever had 30mg of Mirtazapine, still on it now, I don't think I would like to go up. I love the sedating feeling of it and I think that lessens when the dose goes higher.

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    Re: High dose Mirtazapine

    Tried 45mg for a week and experienced heightend anxiety, as above I found the sweet spot was 30mg for me.

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    Re: High dose Mirtazapine

    Thank you guys for your replies. It is definitely more busy higher up but my panic is a layer cake of disorders. Instead of adding anything else my psych just upped the dose. Of course I obsess over the increase being higher than recommend. Iíd rather be up in dose on one med that take more than one. I hope it pulls me out of this flare up. Iíve been down a long road with this and am so weary of it.

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    Re: High dose Mirtazapine

    Sorry for late reply, Mirt part of this forum is slow and not very active.

    I would just give it a bit of time before you updose just to see if things settle down for you, I suggest this as I have panicked before due to the anxiety and upped the dose but felt worse so dropped down again.

    I know it's frustrating when you feel worse but relying on the meds to sort it doesn't always work.

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